Why "Free Form Film"?
.............Maybe it's just a better label for us than "Experimental", "Art", "Personal", "Underground" or "Expanded" Cinema. .......Maybe it's just a label that leads an audience to a bigger and better question: "Just what is cinema?" Does "Cinema" require celluloid or video formats? What other kinds of "motion pictures" are out there? The Free Form Film Festival (http://freeformfilm.org) was founded on the notion of exploring how the materials, form and style of any motion picture medium might affect or even transform audiences. This blog is a supplement to that exploration.
VERY SOON, The official FFFF website will be reborn with a new host of excellent features! ...This once interim web space (the blog you are currently looking at) for announcing FFFF events is now transitioning into a personal blog for FFFF curator Tyrone Davies. In the future, expect to see numerous posts on this page concerning experimental film, media effects, gallery art, and other topics.